Why is fruits slice game very addictive?

Among other game applications, there are games that players play just to pass the time or just to make the boredom go away. However, there are other games that really alter the person’s daily activities, making him unable to function properly in such a way that his or her daily necessities are forgotten or in other words, neglected. These games are what we called addictive games and there are a lot of games that possess this characteristic and one of these games is the fruits slicer game.

The fruits slicers predecessor, a game application called fruit ninja also possesses the same addictive element that the fruit ninja has. The only difference between the two is that the fruits slice is an online game while the other one is a game application specific for mobile devices. It is really notable that the fruits slice game presents more of a difficulty compared to the original version and this is one of the reasons why the fruits slice game is very addictive.

The following are the things that make the fruits slice game addictive and some of these do not really have a connection with the game itself but with the player playing the game.

  1. Game controls – the fruits slice game has the easiest controls ever. You only need one hand to the play the game and once you get the hand of how to maneuver the mouse over the fruits being tossed all over the screen then you will have a blast playing the game.
  2. Speed of the game – this is perhaps the greatest aspect of the game that contributes to players being addicted to it. The gradual increase in the speed of the game makes the game so exciting and this is what players look for in a game. The continued challenge presented from one level to another.
  3. Player’s motivation – the players drive to great at anything that he tries is one thirst that is very hard to satisfy. Overall, most players who play games are driven to be the best at what they play with the same goes to players who play fruits slice.

These are the three best reasons why fruits slice or any other game is very addictive. It may be fun to play the game for just a few hours of the day but to play the game the whole day and forgetting about the most important things like taking a bath or having you teeth brushed is not normal anymore and can be considered as an addiction.