Kids will become a better individual when they play fruits slice

It couldn’t be denied that the fruits slice game is designed ultimately for kids to play. However, there are a lot of adults who are hooked with the game and enjoy their time playing it. The fruits slice game is a game that can have a positive effect on kids and it’s really great to see that kids can developed something positive out from just playing a video game contrary to what is popularly believed.

Studies have shown that there are other games that improve or enhance the kids hand to eye coordination. Some have also verbalized that they react much quicker after they play certain games. However, the concept of improving one self, especially kids just by playing games is seen as a meager reason to allow kids to play the game. However, it couldn’t be denied that the games have somehow made kids more patient and focus on things that they are interested in.

  1. Self-control – the alternate fashion in which the fruits and bombs appears is the major factor why kids are able to develop or control their impulsive reaction. The waiting part of the game also helps in this area as it allows the kid to see whether a bomb or a fruit is being tossed on the screen before reacting to it.
  2. Focus – increases the attention span of the kid as it encourages the kid to focus his attention solely to what he is playing. This will also increase his reaction time as well which generally improves any kid’s athletic abilities.

Overall, these benefits that kids get out from playing games are not seen by parents who are also adamantly against video games. But if parents will only open their minds about video games and its positive effect on their kids, they will see that it brings more benefits than otherwise.