Is Fruits Slice a violent game?

We all know that violence is already part of the games that have been recently released on the market. These games both attract the young and old gamers and if not properly guided, these young kids who indulge in such games can be affected differently or undesirably by these games which can alter their state of mind leaning towards a more violent attitude.

No violence at all

Fortunately, there are games out there that do not contain any violence in them and are safe for kids to play with. Games like the fruits slice offers kids a fun experience slicing fruits being tossed around on the screen. Parents should understand that the only thing that kids will be slicing in the fruits slice game are melons, bananas, mangoes and other fruits. Kids will not see or use any bladed item to cut the fruits, they will be using the mouse and only a trace of the slash that they make with the mouse is seen as they slice through from one fruit to another.

However, the only item that can be considered to be of violent is nature is the round bomb that is also tossed together with the fruits but the games rule is to prevent the player from slicing the bomb or else the game will be over. Furthermore, the fruits slice game is a simple game which requires little understanding which is appropriate to a young kids understanding.

Overall, among all the games that is available through the internet, it is alarming to note that most games are inspired by war, secret operations and other war simulation games that can really have a bad effect on kids. Parents should be able to regulate their kids exposure to such games and it is strongly suggested that they choose the games that their kids play in order to make playing video games safe for their kids.